Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A day in the life

Just another day in the life of a (wanna be) blogging mama. Up since three a.m., couldn't sleep so I decided to take my writing in a different direction, and this blog is the result. Been trying to network my ass off, (which if you could see the size of it you'd know that's ALOT of networking), but it's slow going. Feeling like I have so much to learn but all I really want is to wake up one day and be famous, I mean rich, I mean happy. I just want to have a follower besides myself, its creepy.

Most of my posting will most likely be done at night, late at night, when I finally have peace and quiet and time to myself. If I tend to ramble on a bit or even seem confused, no, I'm not drunk, just tired. Bear with me and I promise to one day have something so extremely important and interesting to write about that it will blow your socks off! Oh, who am I kidding..........


  1. Hi Kimi Jo! It is not cheesy at all! Congrats on starting your blog! I can't wait to read some of your posts :)


  2. Thanks Kim, I'll be seeing you around!