Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging = Time

Well to start off I have to say I never realized how much TIME blogging was going to take. As you can see, I often don't have that kind of time. I give props to all you bloggin mommas who can post every day, or even every other......I'm doing good to post once a week.

And the blog hops....yes, I do love them, but they suck you in and before you know it, WA-LA, half the day is gone. I know it's what you have to do to get followers, I guess I just never realized how time consuming it would be. (Come on people, I have to have time to feed the kids...... and lounge in the pool). I guess I thought that people would just follow me, you know, because I'm awesome and all.

Hey, maybe I could start my own blog hop, one where it's all about me. I'm going to call it "Follow Me Or Else My Italian Uncle Frankie Will Follow You And Beat Your Ass".

Okay, okay.....I'll try and get better at hopping, and posting, and  following, I promise.  (Fingers crossed behind my back......"Hello...Uncle Frankie, Can you do me a favor")?

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