Sunday, July 4, 2010

My New BFF's

Okay, I have to say that I am totally speechless. I have thirteen followers, and I feel special. Really special. Like I haven't felt this special since.....last night. Oh, but my hubby said I couldn't share any of that just yet. After all ladies, were all still getting to know each other. We need to be friends for awhile before we start talking about the juicy stuff. I figure two weeks oughta bout do it.

So there's my public thank you to all of you fabulous women who recently started stalking me, all my new BFF's.

Anyway, today we bought a pool. Like, a ginourmous one. Don't know if that's even a word, but I like the way it sounds. So hubbs had the whole family working outside today trying to get the overgrown weed infested yard ready for a pool. I thought my son was going to die, he had to touch dirt. (Dirt is just not his thing. Come to think of it, neither is grass. Or pretty much anything that's outside).

My girls came in and got their bathing suits on and flew outside to get wet. After what seemed like, well, five minutes I went out bringing towels so they could dry off before coming in the house, (me no likey the wet carpet). Wouldn't you know, the pool wasn't even up yet but the girls didn't seem to mind- they were too busy taking a dirt bath. So long story short, I could've saved myself $499.00 and just thrown them outside in the dirt.

Oh well, at least they got a bath tonight. It does count you know. Really.


  1. LOL, I understand about the dirt bath. Every time I make a big purchase thinking the kids will love it, it turns out they are just happy with the simple stuff! I think the pool will be a great thing though, at least maybe you will get to enjoy it! BTW a bath totally counts LOL! Can't wait to read more from you!

  2. our pool is currently out of commission. and i've discovered that a $5 slip & slide from walmart does wonders. and yes, it does count as a bath. especially when i'm lining the slip & slide with dish liquid - grapefruit scent.

    also. i hate being left out. i'm so joining the bff club.

  3. My boys and husband all think the pool counts as a bath:) I posted mud pics just a few days ago. I am glad you are getting some BFF's. Have a great week.