Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Are Your Dreams?

Okay ladies, I've spent the last few days pondering the meaning of life (in between the cooking, massive housecleaning/organizing projects, and watching my skin turn into my grandmothers from too much time in the pool), and this is what I've come up with: I HAVE A DREAM.

Now before you think I'm going to go all Martin Luther King on you, this is not a speech but rather a statement, followed by a question.

My dream involves associating with adults, selling products, and helping other moms.

Can you guess what it is? Anyone, anyone?

I'm here to confess that I dream of owning my own boutique. (I just LOVE that word, sounds so much prettier than store).

Ever since I was young, (you know, a million years ago), I have loved the feeling of going into small, beautifully put together stores. I love the displays, the clothes neatly on the racks, the feeling of pride the shop owner has. (Okay, so I just love to shop too, but you get the picture).

All these self help business books that I read (although I must admit, sometimes I'm reading with only one eye open) tell me that I need to confess my dreams, say them out loud to others so that I can be accountable. I guess they think if you say them out loud it's a step towards pursuing them.

But since I'm too chicken to tell the people around me (I'm SO far away from ever possibly doing this they'll surely think I'm crazy), I've decided to tell you, my loyal followers and BFF's.

So there, I said it. I have a dream. And it may not be something that's in the cards for me at this point in my life, but who's to say that it never will be.

So come on new BFF's, it's sharing time. What are your dreams? Any unfulfilled ambitions that you've stuffed so far inside that you're not sure if they still exist? If you could step out and do one thing other than what you're currently doing, what would it be?

Come on, I spilled my guts, it's your turn. I promise not to laugh no matter what (unless of course your dream is to be the president or something. Actually at this point though I'd say go for it, I think you may actually have a real shot).


  1. First off it is nice to know someone else gets the same joy from pretty displays, and neatly stacked clothes LOL! My dream is to travel, and travel everywhere. I know it will be awhile before this dream becomes a reality but I am bound and determined to make sure it happens. I don't want to just visit the places I want to enrich myself with the cultures!

  2. Hi,

    I want to be a famous Photographer, not really celebrity
    photos, but nature and beautiful kids. I will realize my dream one day! My pictures and my beautiful daughter were just on the LBB

    Just stopped by from SITs, stop by my site if you have a chance!
    My favorite post of the week:

    Dreams are what make living so wonderful!

  3. Your president comment cracked me up!

    OK, reading this post I was thinking that it's really sad that i don't have a dream. But then I read the comment from Hannah and realized that I have that travel bug, too. And I guess that totally counts as a dream. I want to emerse myself in the cultures of Norway and Italy, too. All over Europe, really. And maybe once I get there, I'll start to give a damn about the other places in the world - Africa, China, etc. :)

    And you should go for your boutique dream! One little step at a time, and you'll be there before you know it!

  4. Hi there! Just hitting you back from the Tea party! Great post- hold onto that dream!

    I myself, would love to be a writer one day and author a book. I guess I'll get there one day if I start writing a sentence here and a sentence there between laundry, diapers and daily disasters!

    aka Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

    Going to check out more of your stuff, thanks for visiting my page too...

  5. Hannah, great dream! Question: with or without children? Just wondering if anyone else dreams of escaping like I do.

    Kristina, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your dream. I couldn't get your page to load, but I'll try again, I promise! And I totally agree, dreams are what make living so wonderful! (Well, that and coffee, chocolate, shopping, you get the picture)!

    Bethany, I'm totally with you on the trip to Italy, I'd love to go there. I'm also with you on not giving a damn about Africa and China, no offense to those who are from there. I'm sure they are okay places, I just have no desire to find out for myself. And thanks so much for the encouragement, it's so much better coming from someone else, then I don't have to look so crazy talking to myself.

    Susan, thanks for checking me out. Definitely pursue your writing dream girl, you got it goin on! I get the between laundry thing, there's your first book title: Life Between Laundry. Hey, it could happen!

  6. I love the sound of a boutique.

    I'd love to write a book...someday. Shhh, there's my dream.

    Visiting from the tea party.

  7. I think your dream is awesome and totally something you can achieve! I firmly believe that anything is possible! Where there is a will there is always a way. It all depends on how hard you are willing to work to achieve it. You can totally have your cute boutique!
    Me, my dream is to be a honest to goodness, make enough money to survive writer.I'd love to have a column in a large paper, magazine, author a book and I really want to be the next Dooce, Motherhood Uncensored, Finslippy! That's my dream, I am working my ass off to achieve it...I'll keep trying until it happens:)Failure is not an option!:)Happy Mothering!

  8. LOVE your post! So inspirational and easy to read.

    I dream of becoming a published (and successful, of course) novelist. The people closest to me know this (like my husband and sisters), but I can't bring myself to tell the rest of the world. I'd feel like I'm saying I want to be a movie star or something.

    Now YOUR dream sound way more possible - so please elaborate! What would you like to sell? What would it look like? It starts in your head, before it becomes a reality! All the best!

  9. Shell, thanks for visiting. Mums the word, I won't tell if you won't.

    Truthful Mommy, Thanks so much for the encouragement. When you become the next Dooce, please remember my poor little blog.

    the bored mommy, thanks for visiting as well. All you terrific ladies want to become authors, that's great. As bloggers, we kind of already are. About time we get paid what we're worth, agreed? As for my dream boutique, I'd love to have a little shop that sells items geared for moms, from mom t shirts to comfy yoga style pants to nice flip flops. You know, stuff moms actually wear! Throw in some jewelry and handbags, maybe even a few items for baby (not sure on this part yet) and WA-LAH.....A place where moms can come and feel like they are the center of attention, (for a change)!
    Oh wow, here I go with the dreaming again, better quit before I get so excited I can't go to sleep.....

  10. Boutique DEF sounds more posh, doesn't it? I'd love to have a lingerie 'boutique' someday....we'll see! Good luck to us!

  11. J,
    Let me know when you open, I'm there! (Providing you carry stuff for chubby chicks).